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    <allimages gaifrom="Carbon fixation pathway.png" />
      <page pageid="64" ns="6" title="File:13 Reflectance Spectra.png" />
      <page pageid="33" ns="6" title="File:1471-2229-9-131-1-l.png" />
      <page pageid="114" ns="6" title="File:2013 Photosynthesis calender.png" />
      <page pageid="60" ns="6" title="File:AT scale.png" />
      <page pageid="105" ns="6" title="File:Absorbance Calibration Tutorial V2.png" />
      <page pageid="98" ns="6" title="File:Absorbance Workstation.png" />
      <page pageid="92" ns="6" title="File:Absorbance setup.png" />
      <page pageid="67" ns="6" title="File:B12 Illuminated.png" />
      <page pageid="85" ns="6" title="File:Beta Carotene.png" />
      <page pageid="134" ns="6" title="File:BioWiki Lab Manual April 2014.pdf" />